Military and C4I Technologies For Terrain Dominance
December 20th 2016

Terrain Dominance – a field-operations and intelligence gathering model based on advanced technologies aimed at providing total intelligence grasp within a defined area over time.

Terrain Dominance comes into play in fields requiring full intelligence over time: Borders, terror hubs, intelligence EEI (Essential Elements of Information) and actionable intelligence ahead of special operations.

Terrain Dominance is based on multi-dimensional technological intelligence gathering capabilities – Sensor systems (optic, radar, acoustic, seismic, electromagnetic – installed on board various platforms, underground, on the surface, at sea, in the air and in space – comprehensive, continuous intelligence is generated by combining and fusing sensor output: Terrain Dominance.

Consolidtating, fusing and understanding the data leads to operational insights. This capability relies on advanced analytics (BI – Business Intelligence) that recognize patterns and changes across the focus-area – changes on the ground, shifts in population behavior, changing ground cover, and so on.

The GIS-based Command and Control system displays the threats, enables threat-analysis over time, prioritization of threat levels and the considered activation of response capabilities. The C4I system enables managing the intelligence, operational and logistic efforts – including data dissemination, supporting command hierarchies and providing investigative tools for later analysis and drawing lessons.

At an age of terror, asymmetrical warfare, as the main threat – along with response capabilities based on unmanned autonomous vehicles, special units and preventative cpabilities – Terrain Dominance is a necessity for every modern, advanced military.